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Pension Calculator

The City of Atlanta is pleased to announce the launch of our new, self-service Pension Portal! The Pension Portal provides 24/7 access to City of Atlanta pension plan information and an interactive calculator you can use to model your future pension benefit.

To visit the Pension Portal, visit

Forms Available for Download

The retirement process ideally begins three months (90 days) before your last day of work. Please call us at that time at (888) 594-0216 to request a retirement application and an estimate of your pension benefit. Mail or fax completed forms to:

City of Atlanta Pension Plans
c/o Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc.
2472 Jett Ferry Road, Ste 400-410
Atlanta, GA  30338
Fax (866) 201-5033

If you have questions about when or how to complete a form, please call us at (888) 594-0216.



If you would like to complete an Application for Refund of Pension Contributions, please call us at (888)594-0216 or email us at so that we can inform you about the refund process and provide you the applicable forms.

Individual Forms